10 Ways to Make Winter Running Way Less Painful

to make winter running way less painful

If you love running, then season is not a reason to stop yourself. It is hard to get out of bed especially in winters. It is difficult for those who have busy schedule to run in cold temperature, foul weather. Don’t get lazy just because it’s winter season. Do you know, winter is correct time to develop your mental toughness and physical strength?  Set your intentions or goals which will help you to determine your winter running plan. Here, we have listed out some amazing tips to make winter running way less painful by focusing on your mental strength rather than physical appearance.

10 Ways to Make Winter Running Way Less Painful

10 Ways to Make Winter Running Way Less Painful:

  1. Planning-

to make winter running way less painful

Make your plan for running in cold temperature and maximize your time. You can run twice or thrice in a week or by considering alternate days for running. For starting, use short races or local area and you could found it’s difficult in cold. But once you start your body temperature rises and you will turn to sweating soon. If want run in night with full selves night suit, is not a bad idea.

  1. Take a deep breath-

to make winter running way less painful

If you are suffering from breathing problem in winters like asthma or any other and found it’s difficult for you to breath while running. Prefer to breathe by nose not through mouth. Most of people start breathing through mouth that hit your lungs and chest. When you breathe through nose, cold air filters and warm. So if you have planned for running in winters take a deep breath and follow above breathing technique.

  1. Ears, nose & joint pain-

Ears, nose, fingers and joints are very sensitive in cold. You can wear hat, cap, gloves, scarf, warmers and that clothes in which you feel comfortable while running.

  1. Remind yourself about your goal-

Are you finding it’s too difficult for you? Whether you have planned for losing or gaining weight, regular running, improving fitness then you should focus on your goal. Remind yourself everyday for your morning or evening running. You can choose a friend or your dog as your running partner.

  1. Prepare your workout clothes-

to make winter running way less painful

Don’t waste your time in morning for deciding what you need for your running. You should prepare everything at night so that you don’t need to spend time on thinking about your workout clothes, shoes, water bottle, headphones and many more that you use every time while running.

  1. Prefer to morning running-

to make winter running way less painful

Most of people describes, morning walk, running or exercises are much better rather than evening. After work, kids responsibilities or hectic schedule; it’s too difficult for evening running. So you should also prefer to morning walk for capable mental strength.

  1. Water bottle-


Have you plan for long distance running? Keep a water bottle of warm water along you while running. A warm water bottle gives you solution to work out or start your day by running in winter less painful. After running prefer to drinking water following 15 to half an hour.

  1. Dress Warm, but not too warm-

to make winter running way less painful

Prefer to warm dresses for running, not should go with too warm dresses. Use your regular shoes or socks. Ditch to your too tight shoes or socks (to avoid uncomfort). In this you will feel colder and it is like a barrier in your interesting running.

  1. Don’t stretch-

to make winter running way less painful

Before running, Warm up is good habit to rise up your body temperature. But most people start stretching their self which is not good for their health. So, don’t stretch yourself before running. You should prefer exercises or stretching after running.

  1. Positive Attitude-

to make winter running way less painful

To make winter running less painful, you can go with a positive attitude tattoos and prefer to motivated songs which will boost your confidence. If you want to enjoy your running you can choose your favorite mantra and sing loudly.

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