75 Amazing Nail Art Designs for Beginners

nail art designs

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Women are always experimenting on them to enhance their looks. Nail art just happen to be the part of the advancement in their looks. Even though the nail art business is trending among young girls but that doesn’t mean that Adult women are lagging behind in the race. When women can spend a lot of money on clothes, shoes, and other stuff, nail art seems like the most affordable fashion statement nowadays.

From now on, whenever you go for a Manicure or Pedicure, add up a few extra bucks and get nail art done on your nails. Give them shape, trim them, and fix broken nails with millions of styles, variations and ideas. Go for the classy looks, shady looks, cute stickers and bold colors or whatever you love. If you are bored with your simple nails, then paint them with your imagination, favorite designs and colors.

60 Amazing Nail art designs of 2016

Nail art design is a fashion activity mostly performed in beauty salons, but you can also do it by yourself at home. If you are tired from single toned nails and looking for amazing nail art designs, your quest for the most incredible and unique styles has ended. Here, you can explore the arts and choose one exactly the same or add up your own touch in the design. After all, it is called art so that you can be creative with it.

60 Amazing Nail Art Designs for Beginners:

  • Water marble nail art design:

Use the Water Marble nail color technique to paint your nails with random pattern.

  • Matte nail art:

Follow the matte trend with this bold color matte nail art and flaunt your style. 

matte nail art

  • Shattered glass nail art designs: 

Reflect your inner creativity with your nails with this unique shattered glass design on your nails. 

shattered nail art

  • Holographic nail art:

Create a holographic effect on your nails with this unique combination of nail art. 

  • Halloween nail art:

Perfect for Halloween, this nail brings out the pumpkin color contrast to your nail so you can trot out your Halloween spirit. 

halloween nail art

  • Aquarium nail art:

Use this beautiful nail art to keep your nails clean and pretty. 

aquarium nail art

  • Rainbow nail art:

All the women who have spiraled up nails (even those who don’t have them) can use these bright colors of rainbow to paint your nails. 

rainbow nail art

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  • Water drop nail art:

Well, exactly it is not a water drop. Instead liquid nail color is put on your nails as if it is a water drop. Well, it doesn’t matter how the nail art got its name because it looks good on those long nails. 

Water drop nail art:

  • Rhinestone nail art:

What else can be better way to decorate your nails other than rhinestones. stick these stones to your nails and get ready to go out. 

rhinestone nail art

  • Wavy nail art:

For an everyday look, these waves will surely look cool on your nails. Wear a matching t-shirt and that’s it. Now you can get complement for your fashion choice. 

wavy nail art

  • Butterfly nail art:

Women loves butterflies as they want their wings. But at least you can paint them on your nails and enjoy your day just like they do!


  • Leopard print nail art:

Got yourself a leopard skin dress? Paint your nails with a similar nail art and there you have a new style statement. 

leopard nail art

  • Valentine nail art:

Express your valentine zeal with this beautiful valentine week inspired nail art. 

valentine nail art

  • Sand nail art: 

Get all poppy and sandy with this unique, beautiful yet simple nail art. 

  • Bridal nail art:

Try out this bridal nail art for your special day with love in it along with your heart.
bridal nail art

  • Caviar nail art: 

As much as Caviar is tasty, the nail designed inspired by it is also remarkable. Try out this style, make your nails way prettier. 

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  • Holiday nail art:

Yes girls, there is a holiday nail art. This simple and sophisticated design will live out on your holidays without being spoiled. 

holiday nail art

  • Polka dots nail art:

Girls are always fan of Polka dots. Now you can mix the dots of different colors and get your nails all classic and impressive. 


  • Elegant nail art designs:

Women who dont like to flaunt that much can wear this elegant nail art to keep their nails pretty and clean. 


  • Antique finish nail art:

There is not a specific time to be creative with your nails. Paint your nails with this antique design or add some more creativity of yours. 

  • Sunflower nail art:

Flowers always looks pretty even on the nails of a pretty girl. Paint these sunflowers on your nails and let other girls get inspired with the design. 

Sunflower nail art:

  • Half-moon nail art:

No, we are not asking you to paint your nails with the same color as Moon. Just choose any two colors and make the shape of half moons with them. Look how adorable they look. 

half moon nail art:

  • Pearl nail art:

Nothing can be a better way to accessorize your nails other than Pearls itself. Try this nail art and see for yourself how elegant they look on your nails. 

pearl nail art

  • 3-D nail art: 

Creating a 3-D design on nails isn’t as easy as it sounds. But you can always ask some professional to do it. Paint your nails with this bold blue and three-petal flower (the name don’t really matters). 

  • Love message nail art: 

Why not show your love with your nails. Try telling that someone special that you love them in a special way. 

  • Christmas nail art:

Another way to express your festive feeling is to paint the soul of the festival on your nails. Do it with Christmas and get compliments for the creativity. 

christmas nail art

  • Stripped nail art: 

Stripes can never go out of trend. Try this beautiful combination of color for stripes and wear a matching outfit. 

  • Floral nail art:

Another nail art inspired by flowers. Use more natural colors and paint colored lilies or nay other flower.  

  • Mix and match nail art:

This can be a perfect nail art for the bold and strong millennial. Make a match with a bunch of colors and paint your nails with it. 

Mix and match nail art

  • Pointed nail art:

Try giving a new look to your nails by changing their shape. This pointy nail art will surely give you a new style. 

Pointed nail art

  • Feather nail art:

Get the feathers painted on your nails and wear something similar like feather earrings or bracelet to match it. 

Feather nail art

  • Festive nail art:

One more festive nail art that would be classy and gorgeous. 

Festive nail art:

  • Neon nail art:

Here is another nail art for Teenagers. Try out different colors and designs with neon nail colors. 

Neon nail art

  • Snowflakes nail art:

This snow season, keep your nails all dolled up like snowflakes with this nail art. 

snowflakes nail art

  • Geometric nail art: 

No,we are talking about using all those Geometric shapes. Use the ones which can make your nails look more beautiful. 


  • Ombre nail art designs:

Paint your nails with the most beautiful white and blue combination with the Ombre touch. 

ombre nail art

  • Negative space nail art:

Negative Space nail art always makes your nails more edgy. Add an effect of having a relevant shape of your nails. 

Negative space nail art

  • Mixed color nail art:

You can mix up the colors in a smart way to create a mixed color nail art design. 

Mixed color nail art

  • Glitter nail art:

Adding glitters to the nail art always proves to add a new grace in the nail art. So, why not make an entire nail art with it. 

Glitter nail art:

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  • Sweater nail art:

You can paint your nails with the most common designs that you find on sweaters. 

Sweater nail art

  • Acrylic design:

Use this acrylic design to give a sharp look to your nails. 

Acrylic nail art

  • Candy cane nail art:

Add more flavor and color on your nails with this Candy cane nail art. 


  • Heart nail art designs:

What else can be a great thing to paint your nails with? Paint some hearts with unique designs make your nails way prettier. 

  • Rose nail art designs:

Use this 3-D rose nail art to represent the class within you. It surely looks beautiful and gracious with Maroon color. 

  • Pineapple nail art:

Pop up your nails with the Aloha-style pineapple design and color.

pineapple nail art

  • Tribal nail art designs:

No one would have thought that the tribal nail art can be made so much lovely. 

  • Transfer nail art:

As much as we wish the name would be true, but the nail art can’t be transferred. It can only create an effect as if the art is being transferred from one nail to another.

transfer nail art

  • French nail art:

The French people always brings a class with them and so does their nail art designs.

french nail art

  • Sharpie art design:

Sharpie liquid highlighter can be used in many things but the best of it for girls will be in nail art. Use the colors to make your nails more vibrant. 

  • Shaded nail art designs:

Try out the shades of your choices to paint your nails. Mix them well with a small brush and create a shady look for yourself. 

shaded nail art

  • Galaxy nail art:

Well, we wish we could fit the galaxy in your nails. But it is possible to create an image of the galaxy on your nails. 

galaxy nail art

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  • Shellac design:

Use the colors to make a shellac effect on your nails. Give your nails a perfect finish and brush-on effect. 

shellac nail art

  • Turquoise nail designs:

The turquoise color will not only provide the blue color beauty but also it will add up a gem finish to your nails. 

Turquoise nail art

  • Newspaper nail art:

The newspaper cutting can be more useful if you want to. Just cut a piece of it and paste it on your nails and see how good they look. 

Newspaper nail art:

  • Jewel nail art designs:

The perfect jewel nail art will be the one which can accessorize the nails as much as possible. 

  • Triangle nail design:

You can put up your nails with interactive and popular shapes just like these triangles.

lace nail art

  • Ocean nail art:

Create the wavy lines of ocean at the tip of your nails and give them a subtle texture. 

ocean nail art

  • Quilted nail designs:

Give your nails the threaded out design with this amazing nail art.

  • Funky nail art designs:

The most funky nail art is here for you. Mix up the colors and designs and show off the hipster in you. 

funky nail art

  • Devil Red nail design:

How can someone resist the rogue color of the devil. Paint your nails with this color because “we all have a devil inside”. 

  • Bejeweled Nail art:

You surely wont find another more beautiful bejeweled nail art. The pretty white color with diamond like shine will surely looks good on your nails.

  • Classy Nail art:

Class can’t be impersonated! Try this simple and classy nail color to typify the elegance in you. 

  • Black Bold Beautiful Nail art: 

What a combination, right? Black matte color with small golden strips surely makes a statement. 

  • Water Shine Nail Art:

Water represent peace and storm in a single color. Paint your nail with this watery shine nail color combined with peaceful white. You can also put small stones on it too. 

  • Black & Gold Nail art:

Another black and gold, after all it looks so good on everyone. Don’t forget to accessorize your hands with beautiful gold rings.

  • Shadow Gradient Nail Art:

Red and Black is such a beautiful combination that no one can deny its finesse. Allure the red color with the perfect finish. 

  • Sand & Skin Nail Art Design:

Sounds weird, right? But it surely looks quite astonishing too. The Sand color nail art with skin is quite a unique metaphor for earth elixir. 

  • Pearl Pink Nail Art:

There is pretty in pink and perfect in pearls, that’s why everyone loves a monogrammed girl covered with pearl pink nails. 

  • Princess Charms Nail Art:

Feel like a princess with this modish nail art. But don’t forget to wear your crown with it. 

  • Grace with Glitters Nail Art:

The woman who knows how to leave a trail of glitter can never be forgotten. So, leave your trail with this grandeur nail art. 

  • Class & Beauty Nail Design:

If you want to know what is class and beauty, then see a women all dressed up in black. After all Black is the Crack. 

  • Blue-White Depth Nail Design:

Upswing your style with the combination of Blue-and-White nail art. Both the colors have more depth than anyone can realize. 

  • Pirate Fan-girl Nail Design:

Amuse your friends with this spicy and unique pirate style nail art design.

  • Gorgeous Gold Nail Art:

What other color would be perfect to imitate your Gorgeousness. The Golden glow obviously says “Hello Gorgeous”. 

  • Nail Flower Net: 

Well, how can we forget to give a pure white design for the nail art. This flower net will bring out a positive vibe around you. 

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