Why Tennis is a Great Activity for Hardworking Mothers

Tennis may not be the most popular sport-slash-physical activity for all the hardworking moms out there, but it certainly has a lot of benefits in terms of helping you cope with motherhood and life in general. Even though it may be a daunting task to find a local court, pick up a racket, and learn all the basics, the sport is the perfect pursuit for ladies who constantly juggle family, work, and fitness.

On the surface, tennis is a stop-start-stop kind of sport, which allows participants – especially beginners – to play at their own pace. In terms of well being, a typical match can burn anywhere from 215 to 765 calories every 30 minutes, according to an article on Fitness for Weight Loss.

Aside from the obvious health benefits of playing tennis, it also involves a plethora of underlying themes. Play Your Court claims that tennis can develop your self-discipline and independence – life lessons that reach far beyond your local tennis club. From here, let us delve deeper into the advantages of taking up tennis, particularly from a mother’s perspective.

Tennis Keeps the Competitive Juices Flowing

We have established earlier that anyone – including busy moms – can enjoy a round or two of tennis at their own speed and rate. This means that you, as well as your family and friends, can easily find the equilibrium of a fun fitness activity and a competitive leisure pursuit. Furthermore, not only does it offer a socially accepted manner of friendly rivalry, it also presents a viable stress buster.

Tennis Provides a Social Environment to Interact with People of Similar Interests

Another good thing about playing tennis is that it gives you an outlet to foster relationships outside your family and/or work. Getting on a court and mingling with like-minded peers, opens the door to fruitful social interactions. You get to relish your time exercising, in addition to growing and maintaining a friendly network.

Tennis Inspires the Whole Family to Stay Active

At the end of the day, tennis is a great activity for the whole family. Anyone from grandparents, to parents, to kids can participate, making it a worthwhile – not to mention easygoing – venture. Family Sport Health points out one good thing about the sport is that it is not always reliant on good weather, as many cities all over the US have indoor facilities. With this, it is safe to say that tennis is a legitimate all-weather, family-bonding endeavor.

These are just some of the often-overlooked reasons why tennis is the perfect fitness tool for all you hardworking mothers. Even if you have not played a single match yet, you have to take the leap and get out there. Tennis provides a much-needed confidence booster, social channel, and calorie burner all rolled into one racket sport. Above all, it sets an ideal active lifestyle for the younger generation. For more health tips, beauty secrets, and lifestyle advice, please check out the The Women’s Trend blog section.

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