30 Best Beauty Blogs for Women

30 Best Beauty Blogs for Women

In today’s modern world, no matter how much makeup or hair tricks you learn, but the search for the new beauty trends and tricks never ends. Finding the right beauty brand is a little daunting for every woman when there are a lot of options. Also, the look does matter a lot and that’s why all of you want to do a simple trick i.e. How to look best? Isn’t, Right? Luckily, beauty blogs for women are just a kind of little help for you to enhance your beauty to the next level.

Those women who like to have perfection in everything; the beauty blogs are waiting for them where they can explore easy-to-learn beauty tricks. Here, we come up with the blogs that are written by well-known beauty bloggers who have a great passion for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Every kind of beauty lover can discover the below-mentioned beauty blogs from different corners of the world.

 Best Beauty Blogs for Women: –

  1. Lisa Eldridge:-

Lisa Eldridge, an international makeup artist, is perfect in flawless makeup and she made a name not only in the UK but also across all over the world. She always comes up with useful videos to give effective tips on beauty and fashion. Learning from the expert and professional always gives a wonderful experience.

  1. Zoella : –

If you have enthusiasm for fashion and beauty, then Zoella blog is excursively for you. The voice behind the blog is Zoe who is a young writer and loves to share the things she liked. She always comes up with the latest trends and tricks that are going in the beauty industry through her blog.

  1. Beauty And Style Edit : –

The Base Blog is for those who want beauty tips not for just skin, but also for hair and nails. The blog main aim is to bring you the latest in wellness, fashion and beauty.  Every women wants to enhance her overall beauty and the Base Blog is just like a little help to make it possible in reality. 

  1. Madeleine Loves : –

Madeleine Loves is one of the best beauty blogs for women ever, and here, you can have traveling beauty suggestions, and video tutorials on beauty etc. This blog is a little bit of everything, and so, visit the blog and you can explore the great things you can adopt in your life.

  1. Into The Gloss: –

Are you looking for the best beauty products and tricks you can try out? The blog “INTO THE GLOSS” has informative things about quality beauty products for women to enhance the overall look. This beauty blog comes with wonderful tips on skin care that can give you glowing skin and a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Estee Lalonde : –

The blog Estee Lalonde is founded by award-winning beauty blogger, who is currently in London. This blog is something for everything and here, you can discover tips on shopping, traveling, fashion, and food, etc. If you are shopaholic women, must visit the blog and know the trendy things going in the world.

  1. The Beauty Bean : –

Another wonderful beauty blog for women that can’t be ignored at all is The Beauty Bean. If you are one of that kind of women who is very health conscious, then this blog can aid you to give you a healthy and happy lifestyle exactly you want. Also, bold and brilliant kind of women must follow this blog.

  1. The Anna Edit : –

The Anna Newton, an award-winning online content creator, is the creator of the exciting beauty blog named The Anna Edit. Here, you can explore beauty tips you are looking for a long time. Her blog also comes under 5th biggest in the world in the category of lifestyle. So, get some tips from the reputed beauty blogger and master yourself.

  1. A Model Recommends : –

For flawless makeup tips and tricks, visit A Model Recommends blog. The voice of the blog is an international model who loves to share  wonderful tips on the beauty products you can try with a free mind. Follow her and take your beauty to the next level.

  1. Instagram.com/farahdhukai: –

beauty blogs

Farah Dhukai is a certified and talented beauty blogger from Toronto, Canada.  She has a million of the subscriber on her YouTube channel, and a lot of followers on Instagram and Twitter. She regularly updates tips on beauty and you can follow her on social networks to know the hidden secret of beauty.

  1. 15 Minute Beauty : –

Christine is the voice of the 15Minutebeauty blog and she covers everything from chubby cheeks make-up to highlighted hairs on 15-minute beauty. Her main motto is helping women to choose the right products for beauty by giving genuine reviews on different latest beauty products.

  1. The Sunday Girl: –

Whether you are looking for tips on new hairstyles or Lip- liner & shades, explore UK based blog…The Sunday girl. So, if you love to do different things for your look, then this beauty blog has many great tips for you that can improve your appearance.

  1. Lily Melrose : –

Lily Melrose is the blog that comes up with things beyond your expectations. It is one of the dedicated beauty blogs that is best in beauty tips, makeup tricks & techniques, product reviews, and skincare.

  1. The RAEviewer : –

Australian born, and Green Eyes Christian Louboutin – Creator of The RAEviewer share her life experiences about beauty from which you can learn wonderful and interesting things. It is the hub for the luxury cosmetics and beauty products. Here, you will discover in-depth reviews about the products that will aid you to know which one is best for you.

  1. She’s in the glow :-


The blog “She’s in the Glow” is the best beauty blog about makeup, skincare, Hair and more by Annie. The voice of the blog has covered things for every kind of women. She shares the right and genuine information on beauty via tutorials and product reviews.

  1. Nikkie Tutorials :-

 A Hair and makeup artist – Nikkie has millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel, Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook. She shares useful Tutorials known as Nikkie Tutorials on beauty. Follow her beauty blog and have new look in the New Year. Also, women who love to do different and amazing hair styles, this blog is an excellent choice.

  1. Clumps of Mascara : –

Love to do eye-makeup? The blog “Clumps of mascara” is solely for you where you can learn different and unique tricks of eye-makeup and also, tips on making your nails look attractive. Follow the blog and you can explore the things to look unique.

  1. Rouge 18 : –

 Amber Katz is founder and writer of Rouge 18. She devoted her passion for exploring skin care products, and share genuine reviews about products. She was also one of nine bloggers who got the opportunity to create her own cosmetic. Currently, Rouge 18 is in the list of top ten hottest and sexiest beauty blogs for women.

  1. Amelia Liana : –

The founder of amelialiana.com is young and beautiful women, Amelia Liana. Her passion to share things on every women’s fields, which includes beauty, fashion, food, interior design etc. She has worked for multiple brands and visits her blog for beauty highlights.

  1. Beauty Is Boring : –

The blog Beauty Is Boring brings you the latest in beauty, honest makeup product reviews, skin care tips and all that make you feel confident. Those women who love to give different and attractive look to their face, this beauty blog can be excellent choice. 

  1. Hello Gemma : –

Those women who are looking for UK based beauty blog, their quest ends at Hello Gemma blog. The creator of the blog, Gemma shares the effective tips on the natural beauty. Visit the blog and discover lip care tips, product reviews, recommendations for flawless Skin and much more beyond your expectation.

  1. Pixiwoo : –

The blog, Pixiwoo, always comes with superb beauty tips and different makeup tricks. When it comes to choosing the skin care products, every woman wants best, not the second best. This beauty blog is all about helping you to choose high-quality beauty products.

  1. I Covet Thee : –

Alix is voice and writer of beauty blog, I COVET THEE. This blog comes with the latest  and genuine product reviews and how-tos. The creator of the blog always ensures that readers get some informative and interesting things they can try out in their life.

  1. Miss Whoever You Are : –

Again, another one of the best beauty blogs for women is Miss Whoever You Are by Eileen. This blog brings the perfect combination of how-tos and product reviews. Here, you can have beauty tips from toe to head and this blog really makes beauty a lot of enjoyment and fun.

  1. Refinery29: –

The Refinery29, USA based beauty blog, offers local to international beauty tricks in a fun and impressive way. This blog is something that can bring a lot of change in your style and appearance. It presents ultimate beauty tips and tricks every woman can try.

  1. Instagram.com/irenesarah : –

beauty blogs

Irenesarah blog aids you to discover new and exciting beauty products for the classic act. The aim of Irenesarah is to provide makeup tips and tricks to the girls and women across all over the world. So, follow this blog on Instagram and get daily tips you can try.

  1. Fashionista: –

The Fashionista is a wonderful and trusted source of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and makeup products. This blog has more than 2.5 million readers and it is the hub of everything that women look for. So, you can explore the unlimited great things you can follow in your life.

  1. Marie Claire: –

Marie Claire, an award-winning blog, has cruelty free beauty and lifestyle tips. The blog has made a record of more than 9 million readers and offers readers interesting and helpful things to read. Also, the creator of the blog has 6 million followers on social media platform by giving the smart content to smart women of the world.

  1. The beauty look book : –

Sabrina- an author of “the beauty look book” beauty blog. This blog gives genuine reviews on the quality and luxury beauty products, which includes cosmetics, fragrances, skin care and more. She started this blog with aim of sharing her passion for fashion, and beauty with other women.

  1. Hello October: –

The blog “hello October” is the mixture of high, designer fashion and beauty tricks. At this blog, you are likely to explore blackout fits, white interior and more. It is the last, but not the least and that’s why this blog is surely a worth to visit.

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