15 Best Hangover Cures that Actually Works

Partying after a hectic week seems like an obvious thing. But people often end up over-drinking in such parties. During parties, drinks are poured one after another without worrying about the next day. But doing so, surely leads to an awful morning.

If you say that you’ve never experienced a hangover, then we’ll know that it’s a lie. Over-drinking often leads to dehydration, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, and it feels like that our head will burst out. And the worst part is that no matter what hack you try to cure hangover, you will feel like throwing up. Well, we all know that excess of everything is bad. Alcohol is a temporary fun but have permanent consequences. Luckily, hangover is not permanent. This is the way of your body to tell you that you made a big mistake last night.

So, let’s begin the list of best hangover cures and fix hangover like magic.

15 Best Hangover Cures that Actually Works

15 Best Hangover Cures that Actually Works:

  1. Drink Plenty of Water: 15 best Hangover Cures

Well, Water is great hangover cure after a big night out. If you want to wake up feeling fresh then drink as much water as you can. This will keep you hydrated and you will wake up without any kind of discomfort. Plus, all the toxins will also be removed from your body.

  1. Pace Yourself: 15 best Hangover Cures

Instead of rushing to do things, try to pace out. This means take things slow and act according to your condition. If you are feeling sick and still had to go to office, then ask for a half-day. Get out of the house only when you are feeling fine.

  1. Pain Killers: 15 best Hangover Cures

While you are suffering from hangover, headache problems is the most common one that need to be fixed immediately. Yet, we will ask you to stop for a moment until you make sure which pill will work fine during this time. If you end up taking the wrong pill, then your condition could get worse. After all, precautions are better than cure.

  1. Distract Yourself: best Hangover Cures

Some times, taking your mind off things also help to fix hangover. If you feel depressed, stressed, or restless, then try watching your favorite movie or TV show. This will not only distract you from the pain but also help you to feel better. Isn’t it an amazing hangover cure.

  1. Lemon: 15 best Hangover Cures

Lemon juice is very popular to reduce the aftereffects of hangover and helps to improve metabolism. You can think of making a lemon and ginger tea as hangover cure or drink lemon juice with black salt and sugar. A mix of lemon with any thing you like will surely prove to be an effective method to fix hangover.

  1. Energy Drink:

No, we are not saying that you drink Red Bull. You surely don’t need that much energy right away. Instead, we are suggesting you to drink the liquid drinks which contains sugar and electrolytes. After drinking, the blood sugar level drops significantly. Thus, you need to restore that sugar level. You can think of drinking orange juice, soft drinks, cola, or coconut water. All of them work greatly as hangover cure.

  1. Have a Shower: best Hangover Cures

Taking a shower after you woke up is a great option to cure hangover. In summers, you can take a cold bath and it will wake up every single cell of your body and freshen you up. While in Winter season, you can take a warm shower to relax the tensed muscles and to open pores to improve your circulation. We already told you that Water can do wonders.

  1. Sleep Properly: best Hangover Cures

The worst situation of hangover is that you can’t even sleep properly. So once you take a shower or drink some energy drink, finish your nap. A power nap will re-vitalize your mind and body. After you wake up, there will be no signs that you had a hangover in the morning.

  1. Banana Shake:

No matter what others say, Banana shake always work out to cure hangover. Banana is a rich source of all the essential nutrients and milk is the complete food. Mixing them will provide you all the vital nutrients that you lost by drinking. You can also mix honey or sugar in  the shake to make it more delicious.

  1. Honey: best Hangover Cures

Honey is one of the best hangover cures which can counteract the effects of alcohol. It helps to reduce the symptoms and improve the system. You can eat or drink honey as you want to and see how quickly it fixes you.

  1. Eat Healthy Breakfast: best Hangover Cures

You won’t feel good as long as you are hungry. So, when you wake up, either order online something healthy or ask your family or friend to cook something. You can think of eating a fruit salad, eggs, juice, or any other thing that you like. It will not only give you a boost of energy but also fix hangover quickly.

  1. Drink Less Alcohol: best Hangover Cures

Many people say that having one more drink in the morning will work effectively as hangover cure. Don’t think of doing this, instead try out sports drink or juice to overcome the hangover symptoms.

  1. Toast: best Hangover Cures

Eating slices of toast is good source for recovery of nutrients.  Toast contains carbohydrates and you can eat it with eggs. It is a good way to cure hangover. After heavy drink in last night just prefer to two three slices of toast with eggs and drink juice with it.

  1. Ginger: 15 best Hangover Cures

Ginger is another top-class remedy for hangover. If you feel like throwing up, then try ginger tea. It has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to relax the upset stomach.

  1. Peppermint Tea:
15 best Hangover Cures

This will detoxify your digestive system immediately. Peppermint tea will provide you relief and calm the upset stomach. It will improve digestion and reduce inflammation to relax your body.

If you want, then you can come up with your own impressive ideas for hangover cures.

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