75 Free Date Ideas That Actually Works

Dating sounds like fun yet it costs a hell lot of money. That’s why people often try to come up with unique and random free date ideas which ultimately end up being great. Whether you guys have just started dating or you are married for a long time, lovely date nights always makes the bond even stronger.

That’s why we’ve come up with inexpensive free date ideas that would sound stupid to you maybe. But, trust us, when a person is willing to do stupid things with you, their love certainly proves to be eternal.

75 Free Date Ideas That Actually Works

75 Free Date Ideas That Actually Works:

Go to the Beach or Lake:

If you are in the starting phase of your relationship then you surely need to get to know each other better. Beaches and lakes are perfect for romantic rendezvous as you can get close to nature and considered to be one of the best free dating ideas.

Watch a Movie:

It is one of the best free date ideas which will only cost you popcorn. You can set up a warm environment with dim lights to make the mood undoubtedly romantic. Plus, instead of going out and wasting money, you get a chance to explore each other’s taste in movies.

Long Drive with Your Dream Girl:

In the list of free date ideas long drive with your special one is the most fulfilling experience for every person. You both get to enjoy the ride and maybe if you are lucky enough, you will come around a place which could be your perfect couple getaway destination.

Long Drive with Your Dream Girl

Play Games:

If you have a similar interest in sports then instead of watching it, play it together with your partner. It will not only be more fun but you will also get a little exercise as well.

Visit Nearby Art Shows:

If both of you are a huge fan of art then try taking your partner out to see Art Exhibitions happening around the city. Even if only one of you is a fan, you both can still go out and enjoy.

Host a Get Together:

If you don’t want to waste money going out in a club then transform your home in a club & make it free date idea. And instead of inviting everyone just invite your close friends. Introduce your girl to them and enjoy as much as you can. You can also think of creative ideas like the theme or add music and dance for the get-together.

Late Night Walks:

Who would have thought that walking can be turned into a free date idea? It’s a great way to turn a simple activity into “We-Time”. Take a walk around the house and ask your partner how was your day with one. It will surely keep the conversation going on.

Go for Shopping:

No, we don’t mean to take your partner for shopping. Instead, when your partner asks you to come along when they are going out, say yes. Both of you will get to enjoy, but you won’t have to spend a penny to spend time together.

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Photo Shoot at the Romantic Place:

Yes guys, photo-shoot! But not with a professional photographer, just with your personal camera and you. Taking a snapshot of every moment of life is becoming a habit. So, take advantage of that habit above all and be creative with it. Take pictures in an unknown location and interesting poses and indeed you will have a memorable date.

Fly a Kite with Your Partner:

If you have never tried out flying a kite, then you are surely missing a great thing in life. On a windy day, take your partner and the kite to a park and try it out. You might not learn how to fly a kite in one day, but you both will get a laugh during learning.

Outside Picnic Together:

How can we forget to add an idea of going on a picnic together? What else can be a great free date idea? You both can spend quality time together and you don’t even have to leave your home for it. Just go into your garden, or visit a park nearby and don’t forget to take some food along.

Rearrange and Decorate Home:

Yes, you freak!! We have turned cleaning and doing chores into a date idea. There are people out in the world, who loves redecorating their house from time to time. Now, you can ask your partner to join in too. You will get a hand to help you, and above all the house will be cleaned.

Skipping Rocks:

Whenever you want relaxation from your hectic schedule, just find out a peaceful environment with great surroundings. For e.g. find a peaceful lake or ocean surface and start rock skipping.

Make a Plan of Romantic Candlelight Dinner:

Candlelight dinner is one of the most romantic free date ideas for couples. In addition to your date, you can plan it on various occasions or without any reasons to spend some blissful moments. But for it to be free, you need to set the dinner at your home, not at some fancy restaurants.

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Try a New Recipe Together:

Both men and women are interested in cooking food. If you are also one of those couples who are a foodie and loves cooking, then find new recipes on the internet and try it out. Learning some new recipes together will be full of excitement and as a result you will also learn to cook something delicious.

Discuss How You Met:

If you’ve been together for a long time then there is no doubt that you’ve seen many ups and downs in your relationship. And sharing those moments can be really great. You will not only share your past experience but also get to know each other’s feelings. Hear the Stories and rejoice!

Watch Leaves Falling:

During peak season the colorful leaves seem such an awesome and eye-catching beauty of nature. If you have your own yard, then well and good. If not, there are always parks nearby. 

Read Love Stories Together:

In your free time, you can go visit bookstores to spend some quality time with your partner. Read fun and thrilling stories and at last, tell each about your book adventures.

Watch the lovely shapes of clouds in the evening:

In the warm evening, just lie down on the pleasant grass and explore the wide sky. Make random shapes with your imagination and meanwhile compete with each other to find the most beautiful cloud.

Dress Up with Your Partner’s Choice:

Let your partner decide what you wear for your special day. It might not be the perfect date, yet you both will learn to appreciate each other’s choices. In addition, it will lead to happiness too. 

Participate in Valentine Events:

Always remember that love never gets old. You can participate in the various events held all around the city during the Valentine week. One game and maybe you will be able to surprise her with some free gifts at the same time. 

Learn New Things Every Day Together:

When partners have different talents and abilities, the other one can always learn a few things from them. Engage in interesting activities and teach each other things that you both don’t know about. 

Spend a Night at the Museum:

However, Museum visits are always free. Take your homie with you and revisit the culture and history of your city or the world. Maybe you will find an iconic thing to relate with for instance. 

Coffee Date:

When meeting for the first time, you can surely take your hope-to-be-partner on coffee. Yes, coffee doesn’t come free. Yet it won’t empty your pockets. So, lose a few pennies and buy coffee to enjoy your “We Time”.

Watch TV with Food:

Invite your special one to your home and cook something they like. Settle in the bed, keep your food close and afterwards, start your Netflix journey. 

Massage Each Other:

Give each other a sensual massage and get close to your partner. Furthermore, you will get to relax your muscles without spending money on it. 

Go for Swimming:

What else would be the best way to spend a summer day? Well, if you already have a pool in your backyard, then you don’t need to go anywhere. If not, then visit a free pool for your date. Talk and swim in the pool and have fun the water.

Go on Hike Together:

If you are lucky enough to live around a place where people often come for hiking then take advantage of it for an instance. Take your love with you and go hiking. While exploring nature together, you will also be able to strengthen your bond.

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Scavenger Hunt:

Gather up your friends and family and plan a Scavenger Hunt with your partner. An Outdoor game plan would be perfect to enjoy your free time. Plus you guys get to be more creative.

Spend Time in Local Parks:

Yes, you don’t need to spend all the time inside for the free date. You can also spend some time in the local parks. Sit on benches while holding hands and gaze into each other’s eyes for hours. Don’t forget to talk though!

Bike Rides in Your City:

Girls always love bike rides. You can take your girl on random bike rides but decide your destination first otherwise you’d be just roaming around for no reason.

Bowling with Your Special One:

Take your partner to a free Bowling place. It is a very casual date idea which will allow you to have some fun too.

Sit Outside for Bonfire:

This is a very cool idea for a perfect winter evening. Make a bonfire and cuddle with your partner to stay warm. Doesn’t it sound great in like fashion!!

Roller Skating:

It is a recreational activity. You can plan on going for roller skating. However, Ice skating is also an option if you want to try something new together. 

Regularly Workout together:

Through this routine, you both can help each other to stay fit and healthy.  By engaging in working out at a Gym, you both will certainly get a chance to act as each other’s trainer. 

Take Advantages of Free Vacations:

There are always services that offer free vacation trips to its customers. If you’ve won a free vacation, then you better take advantage of the offer as long as you can. Otherwise, trips usually cost a lot of money. 

Dream Your Future:

Planning for your future rarely works out in an exact way, but that doesn’t mean that you both can’t make plans. Discuss your dream goals and relationship future, so that you can see where you stand in your life. You will learn how supportive your partner is about your future together. 

Tell How Much You Love Each Other:

The way how you express your feelings is one of the important parts of your relationship. Loving is not enough, in other words, you actually have to make efforts to show your partner how much you love them. If you can’t say it, then you better learn to show it with your actions. 

Pillow Fights:

At least once in their lifetime, every person had a pillow fight with their loved ones. You can play with the pillows like kids or try water balloon fighting in spite of arguing about useless things. 

Visit Your Childhood Schools with Your Special One:

The childhood places like schools always have a special place in everyone’s heart. Visiting those memorable places with your special one would let them foresee your life and live it with you one more time. 

Jogging Together in Early Morning:

Going for a run and walk in the early morning is a good exercise which keeps you healthy and fit. We understand that it’s not a typical date, but you have to understand we are being inventive here.

Taste Wine Together:

Many people have a habit of drinking Wine with food. Some people can make a habit out of it. If you both love wine, then you can make a date out of the wine tasting session.

Dancing with Stars:

No, we don’t mean to say the Celebrities. We are talking about real stars in the sky. Take your partner on a romantic getaway and dance under the stars. It will look like you both are living a beautiful dream.

Truth or Dare and Spin a Bottle:

You can play truth or dare to get each other to spill out some old secrets. “Spin the Bottle” is another game that would help you to learn more about your significant other. You can also add some naughty task in it. 

Visit a Farm:

Couples who love animals can take a visit to the Farms and research about their behaviors. Many farms have specific visiting hours for the land and animals. 

Celebrate Festivals Together:

The main focus behind celebrating the festival is togetherness. Festival celebrations fill up lives with joy and you both will be each other’s joy this festive season and for all the ones that are about to come. 

Snow Sledding:

Haven’t you heard about it? Well, you might have done it but know it by a different name, i.e. Sledging or Sleighing. It is always good to be cheerful and snow will surely make the activity fun. 

Fishing in Oceans and Sea:

A fishing trip is also one of the romantic date ideas. Spending whole day on the water with beautiful scenery and peaceful surrounding are considered as a day well spent. If you are a fan of unique and creative dating ideas then plan this date.

Eat Ice Cream:

Ice Cream is loved by both men and women. There is a quote stating “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy Ice-cream, which is almost the same thing.” So why not buy one for your partner too. And women can eat and talk at the same time!!

Car Washing with little flirt together:

If you are seductive enough, you can turn car washing into a romantic scene. Flirt with each other and splash some water. The together time will surely be a good memory to recall afterward. 

Play Guitar:

You never know when your skills would come in handy. If your partner knows how to play the guitar, then don’t let go in vain. Ask them to play it for you randomly and they will know that you appreciate their talents. 

Bake Cookies:

Whether it is a special occasion or weekend, you can bake anytime, right? Instead of ordering some cookies from the bakery, try making some of your own. No matter how the cookies turn out to be, you both will get to spend some more time together. 

Go to Mall:

You can find some good things to do in the Mall. But as things in Malls don’t come cheap, we can’t tell you in particular what you can do around. Well, if you have free tickets for a movie, or passes to the gaming section, then why not go there and entertain each other. 

Yoga Exercises:

Doing yoga activities together is a pretty hot date idea. You get to see each other in some pretty sexy poses. 

Visit Historic Places:

Many people don’t know much history about the city they live in. So instead of spending your weekends in pajamas, get up, get dressed and take a walk around the city corners. Get to know the history of the city and how it comes to be. 

Revisit the Place Where You Met the First Time:

Re-visiting the place where you got a glance of your life-partner is always a romantic date idea. Unless the place is super fancy, it won’t cost much. Plus, you can plan to re-live the entire day just like the first time. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? 

Go for Boating:

Many lakes offer free boating so, you don’t have to worry about the price. Boating always turns out refreshing and enjoyable. 

Watch Zoo Together:

Watching zoo animals with your partner is also a great dating idea which is free. It will allow you two to spend some incredible time together.

Work on the Same Project:

In case your work is related to your partner somehow, then you can come up with ideas for new projects that involve your partner. You both get to help each other and spend some more peaceful time together. 

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Paint Balling:

Paintball is game on which you can work together to defeat players of the opposite team. It is a lot of fun and you get to pop up colors on other people. 

Plan Camping together:

Camping offers an exciting way to increase intimacy for couples who love natural destinations. You can easily choose this best free date ideas and make it memorable with your loved ones.

Role Play:

It is a very convenient free date ideas for both of you, especially when it is Halloween, Christmas or Thanksgiving time. 

Take a Bath Together:

If you both are looking for the most romantic and sexiest free date ideas ever then you can make it at home. Pop up some bubble soap in the bathtub, place some scented candles and light up your bathroom. The bath will be more erotic and tender.  

Bondage for Couples:

If you want to make your free date ideas more adventurous then give a task to your partner to do activities like putting a blindfold on the eyes and bind the hands together. The rest is up to you, we hope that you will come up with your own idea what to do next. 

Dirty Dancing:

No, we are asking you to get dirty. You can simply play the craziest and romantic songs overnight and dance together and get closer to each other.

Sightseeing with Your Partner:

When you arrive at a new place, there is a lot of places where you can be. And watching something doesn’t cost a single Buck becomes a perfect and best date idea. You both can go sightseeing and cherish the beautiful views free. It is possible by watching the sight from the tallest building of the city.

Volunteer Date Idea:

Nowadays it’s one of the best very popular free date ideas. During this date, you can do things like collecting food for the needy ones. And you will have a chance to know more about your special one’s habits and liking.

Do Creative Crafting:

Crafting doesn’t mean that you have to be professional in it. A simple effort will be enough for your partner. Just pick up those brushes and paint your world with it. 

Watch Funny YouTube Videos:

Instead of going to theaters for the show, both of you can spend time alone by watching funny and hot videos on you YouTube while staying at home.

Play Mini Golf with Your Friends:

If you want to go on date with your friend’s group then golf is wonderful gameplay. You can take as many friends as you want. No one said that the date has to be with your lovers only; friends also need time and attention. 

Play Pool:

Playing Snooker or Pool at home is always a good pass time. When you can enjoy such games with your partner at home, then would you need to step outside? 

Write to Each Other:

Whether you are living together or in two separate corners of the city, writing is a good form of expression. Moreover, it shows our concern towards our loved ones. Not just letters, you can send your partner random texts saying that you love them.

One better idea would be the thing if you give them a letter to read in front of you. It will surely make the other one blush. 

Go for Horse Riding:

During vacations, when you are visiting farms, ask your partner to go for a horse ride. It will be an interesting ride that you will remember for a long time. 

Rock Climbing:

If you are looking for an ultimate and adventurous free date idea then you should go with rock climbing. Doing tough tasks together will make the bond strong and you will learn to trust your partner. 

Watch Sunset Together:

What else can be the perfect end for a perfect day? Whatever you do, end your date with a bang. Take your love to the most special place and kiss’em at Sunset. 

With these free date ideas, you will not only save money but you also give your partner the moments that you both will cherish forever. 

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