The 50 Best Shopping Sites for Girls on a Budget

Are you shopaholic kind of girl? Love shopping for new clothes? Want to buy the latest items on a budget? Luckily, you can now buy designer goods at fraction of the cost from your home and all thanks go to the online shopping sites for girls. Thus, are you the one who is looking for best shopping sites to make your shopping easy and unique? No need to worry! We are here to help you with your online shopping adventure.

There are a lot of shopping platforms out there with affordable yet fashionable that will save your money and make you look trendy. With online shopping platforms, you can fulfill your all desire for shopping and can make your wardrobe colorful.

Also, online shopping has brought a lot of change in the way of shopping these days. With few clicks of a button, your favorite item can reach immediately to your doorstep.  Here, we come up with 50 ultimate shopping sites for girls from where you can buy items on a budget. All these sites range from designer site to cheap deals in different items, such as clothes, accessories and skincare products.

The 50 Best Shopping Sites for Girls on a Budget:-

  1. Boohoo

Boohoo is one of the best shopping websites for girls where you can explore an ultimate new collection of everything, such as bags, shoes, clothing, accessories, etc. It is a global brand that offers 24/7 services and always comes up with something new. This shopping platform makes fashion fun and accessible for girls and women across all over the world.

  1. Front Row Shop

The Front Row Shop is an online womenswear fashion brand, launched in 2012 with the motto to offer customer “Front Row VIP” experience. They design cool and fun accessories, shoes and clothing for all kind of trendy women. This shopping website comes with new collections having various classy and unique styles.

  1. Shein

Shein is another one of the best shopping sites for girls on a budget. This site offers fun and stylish clothes at a reasonable price. It is also considered the classy, cool and trendy shopping platform that focuses on women wears. This international fashion platform provides the high-quality latest things.

  1. StyleKeepers

Stylekeepers is one of the fastest growing and globally recognized Australia fashion hub. Its every individual item offers a platform for personal expression and unique. This shopping platform has everything for women and also, comes with super cute designs.

  1. Revolve Clothing

If you are looking for the shopping sites having a lot of brands, then Revolve clothing is the excellent choice for you. It offers a wide collection of clothes and also, offer free shopping for two days. This platform is famous for lifestyle goods and has million of subscribers.

  1. BNKR

AT BNKR, you can have a fresh collection of accessories, clothes, and footwear. It delivers innovative Australian fashion direct to the USA. This platform provides versatile items that you can wear matched or separately. With their outfits, you can give a trendy and latest look to yourself.

  1. Singer 22

Singer 22 is an e-commerce site and retail store founded in New York in 2003. It has the collection of stylish dresses from hand to toe, designer apparel, accessories, and red carpet look too. This is a popular fashion destination of upcoming brands.

  1. Modern Citizen

Modern Citizen is one of the amazing and best shopping sites for girls on a Budget. This website is the hub for fashion and home goods. The mission of the website is to make refined and modern style accessible without compromising quality.

  1. Urban Outfitters

It is a lifestyle retailer founded in 1970 with the aim of providing a unique collection of women’s and men’s clothes at an affordable price. At this shopping platform, there is always something new to explore and also, free shipping is provided on US orders over $50. So, what you are waiting for? Visit the platform and buy what you are looking for.

  1. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is the latest and fabulous online shopping store where latest items are available on a budget. This platform is the ultimate destination for girls who love to do shopping and explore new clothes. So, buy something fashionable from this platform and give new look to yourself.

  1. Blue Fly

Bluefly, best shopping sites for girls, offers luxury items at discount and it is also known as the best place for designer deals. Here, you can explore the world’s top brands, such as Gucci and Prada and can have it on a budget. The best thing about the platform is offering free shipping on all orders.

  1. eShakti

eSkati is the first and foremost women’s fashion clothing company that always comes up with new products. When it comes to fast fashion, this online shopping platform always takes a lead and it is truly women’s fashion hub like no other and any other.


SSENSE is an online shopping website for luxury apparel. This site will provide you with high street fashion and magazine style layout too. This website provides you sale on luxury brands. All you need to do is to sign up with their email to know when the next sale is.

  1. Free people

Free People is excursively women’s clothing brand that is famous for its individuality and affordability.  Also, it is a place for bohemian fashion that offers the latest trends and a wide range of new collections for women. Here, you can have different products from apparel to beauty and everything is of high-quality.

  1. Garage Clothing

Garage Clothing brand offers casual and stylish daytime clothing. It is one of the best places to get casuals and everyday basics. This online website is for young women who have love to wear simple and stylish clothes.

  1. Forever 21

Forever 21 is the famous brand and also, 5th largest retailer in the USA. It is a wonderful and ultimate shopping destination for young girls who have great enthusiasm for fashion and lifestyle. Here, everything for women is available at a reasonable rate.

  1. Lord and Taylor

Lord and Taylor is also one of the best shopping sites for girls that offers a wide range of collection for women clothing. If you are planning to change your wardrobe, then this shopping platform is a good start.


Another popular destination to get accessories, dresses and jewelry for girls is Choies. It is one of the ultimate fashion hubs where dresses for women are available at great price. Here, you will get fresh collections for every type of season.


Dynamite is a global fashion retailer and famous for its creative design and market. This brand has a solid understanding with its customers. This shopping platform offers stylish and unique outfits for trendy and classy women.


Express is an online shopping platform where everything from job interviews to weekend parties. Here, you can get classy dresses for the moment and it is also U.S. largest fashion apparel brands. At this platform, you can get what you are looking for sure.

  1. Hudson’s Bay

Hudsons’s Bay is well-known Canadian department store offers a wide range of things, from apparel to home goods. This is an amazing shopping platform that offers jewelry, accessories, handbags, and other things too.

  1. Indigo

Indigo is one of the ultimate and leading stores for music and books, and home accessories as well. If you are a book or music lover, then this shopping platform is heaven for you. Here, features brands are Love&Lore, Fitbit, etc.

  1. Joie

Joie is an online shopping platform where modern lifestyle brands are available at an affordable rate for girls. If you are looking for the shopping platform that offers classy, casual, comfortable and luxurious items for girls, the Joie is the one that can fulfill your all needs.

  1. Mackage

Mackage is one of the best shopping sites for girls on a budget and, it is prestigious contemporary outerwear brands worldwide. This brand is a game changer for outerwear. This brand is solely for those girls who believe that outwear is a vital part of fashion.

  1. SOIA and KYO

The global brand, SOIA and KYO, comes up with unique and stylish dresses for girls and this brand has also made a name in America. This online shopping platform has best winter collection at very reasonable rate.

  1. Make me chic

Make Me Chic is the fashion destination that aids to provide women latest fashionable clothes at competitive prices. It offers exceptional customer service and this platform is known for unique fashion, accessories, and footwear too.

  1. My Theresa

My Theresa is a luxury online shop platform for designer and fashion clothes and accessories as well. This website offers you authentic products with fast delivery. It comes up with the newest trends and provides a unique shopping experience.

  1. Pixie Market

Pixie Market is an affordable fashion website for girls that offers high-quality womenswear, accessories, and bags at affordable prices. This shopping site focuses on designing cute and distinctive styles girls always want to wear. Every week, new styles are available and you can get it on a budget.

  1. Shabby Apple

Shabby Apple is an online shopping website that provides stylish and inspired items, especially for women. This platform is featured in national fashion magazines and known as one of the best shopping sites for girls on a budget.

  1. Styles for less

At Styles for less, there is a little bit of everything, such as clothes, accessories, shoes, beauty, home and electronic goods. Everything is available at a cost-effective rate and discounts are available at most of the items.

  1. Forward

Forward is a luxurious designer brand made by Elyse Walker. Here, you can have the ultimate shopping experience ever as it offers first class customer service. Subscribe to their newsletter and become the first one to know about their new arrivals.

  1. Style Mafia

Style Mafias is a famous clothing brand that targets girls and women who are very fashion conscious. This brand is invented for women who have a keen interest in discovering new lifestyle items. It always comes up with the latest trends that are going in the world.

  1. Dorothy Perkins

This website offers you feminine shapes and pretty classic piece of clothes. Dorothy Perkins is one of the biggest fashion retailers in the UK. This website has won plenty of awards for its collections.

  1. ASOS

This is an amazing shopping site where you can discover fashionable items for girls online. Moreover, ASOS is a global fashion destination where everything related to fashion is accessible easy.

  1. Style Saint

Style saint mainly focuses on quality as compared to quantity. This website has a passionate group of movers and makers that have the ability to change the world for the better. This website makes ethical and affordable products that last and matters a lot.

  1. Sister Jane

Sister Jane brand combines the latest trends and distinctive styles. This blog is working to bring out fun, fresh, new looks and latest styles for girls of today’s modern world.

  1. COS

COS is a classy fashion brand that provides considered and functional design for both men and women. It offers wardrobe essentials and reinvented classic pieces at the affordable rate.

  1. TopShop

If you are looking for the most premium and complimentary shopping service, then TopShop is an ideal platform for you. Shopping from TopShop can give you an amazing experience and also, sign up on this shopping platform to avail 10% off on your first order.

  1. Just Female

Just Female is simple and sophisticated shopping site for girls on a budget. If you want to buy casual clothes, then this platform is the right one for you.  Thus, visit the site and explore new arrivals.

  1. Valfre

The Valfre Shopping platform offers a large collection of dresses, tops, phone cases, accessories, etc for girls. Here, you will find unique products having great quality and with this platform, you can explore different colors of fashion.

  1. Rue107

Rue107 is New York-based shopping website focuses on women’s wear lifestyle. It includes all the brands that are meant for every occasion and achievement. Here, you can get fashionable and creative clothes that can give you a unique look.

  1. Mixxmix

Mixxmix is one of the famous online stores for trendy and fashionable items. All the items are designed by the future-oriented designers who are full of creative artwork. This online shopping website is the mixture of past, present and as well as art, passion, and music.

  1. Choies

Choies, Asian shopping site, is the best one for all the latest tops, dresses, jackets and other such essentials. This site is one of the better origins for the fashion inspiration. It has a large number of collections that are meant for spring, summers, and winter.

  1. Humble chic

Humble chic build the gap between the latest luxuries and mass market. It is one of the ultimate shopping sites for girls where everything is available at a genuine price. This shopping platform offers boutique style clothing for trendy and modern girls.

  1. Mango

Mango is a famous shopping platform for the latest clothing items. All the items are meant for all kind of women’s, men’s and kids as well. It has a huge collection for summer, winter, and spring. And visit the site and explore the latest fashion trends.

  1. Urbanog

Urbanog is the best online based fashion store. This store started with the vision of offering the latest fashion footwear at competitive prices and superb customer service. The platform is now always in great demand for new items, like swimwear, handbags and fashion accessories.

  1. Uniqlo

Uniqlo is one of the innovative shopping platforms that bring lightness and better design. All the items are made of quality fabric and are affordable and accessible to anyone. Register on it and you will get 10% off on your first time order.

  1. 2020AVE

2020AVE is an online clothing boutique where you can discover the latest trends and it offers the daily style necessities. This site can inspire you about the everyday looks and items are available for every type of occasions such as a wedding, activewear, and special events.


Few Moda is the elevated chic solution for the young professional woman. They are a New York City-based brand with a sophisticated sleek aesthetic, unifying effortless contemporary style with distinctive details to provide the modern woman with a la mode fashion for every aspect of her life.

  1. Isla by Talulah

It is one of the superb boutiques for shopping different collection of womenswear. This shopping platform delivers confidence and romance via each design and satisfies every girl dream of looking the best person in the world.

Hence, these are some inexpensive shopping sites that can make your shopping experience fantastic without spending a huge amount of money.

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