75 Free Date Ideas That Actually Works

75 Free Date Ideas That Actually Works

Dating is a stage where two persons meets socially, they may be friends, a married couple or in a relationship of love. Spending more time with your partner increases mutual compatibility between your relationships. This Free Date ideas list contains a lot of exciting fun to do such as fancy dinners, long drives and many more. If you want to make special feel to your lover with these free date ideas then get ready to surprise your partner. Here we describe tons of free date ideas which helps you to provide plenty of joy with none of the costs for superb date.

75 Free Date Ideas That Actually Works

75 Free Date Ideas That Actually Works:

  • Go to beach or lake:

If you are interested in get to know each other more better then you should visit beaches and lakes for romantic rendezvous.

  • Have a movie:

It is one of the best from free date ideas because it get you closer to your partner. Instead of wasting money you can watch movies at home together.

  • Long drive with your dream car:

In the list of free date ideas long drive with your special one is a dream of every person. Because long drive offers an opportunity for lovely couples to catch up in relaxed environment.

  • Play games:

If you have same interest in sports then instead of watching it, play it together with your partner offers you more fun.

  • Visit near art shows:

When you are searching for free date ideas, Many cities offers variety of exhibitions such as photography and local arts. You can go there and get cultural benefits.

  • Host a party and enjoy hard:

Well party and dancing is a great fun of life when you are looking for one of the best free date ideas. Just convert your home as a club with a party theme for a wonderful joy. Just play the music of your choice and enjoy hard.

  • Walk nearby road at late nights:

Regular walk after dinner with your partner to share all day activity is a key to a great relationship and can be one of  the best free date ideas.

  • Go for shopping: couple shopping Free Date Ideas

Shopping is way of fun mostly preferred by many couples to bond over things and gets you more excited.

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  • Photo shoot at romantic place:

Craze of photo shoot is very common among today’s youngsters. You can have a fun with your photo shoot with interesting dresses and locations on date.

  • Fly a kite with your partner:

If you are free in windy day and planning how to spend your day with your partner. No need to worry just head to the park and fly the kites together.

  • Outside Picnic together:

If you are looking for the best free date ideas then outside picnic can be best option for you. To spend quality time, plan an outside picnic which is far away from your home.

  • Rearrange and decorate home:

If you are not interested to go somewhere from your home but still looking for a free date ideas. Then, You can spend quality time at your home by doing interesting things like rearranging things and do decorations.

  • Skipping rocks in lake:

Whenever you want relaxation from your hectic schedule, just find out a peaceful environment with great surroundings. For e.g. find a peaceful lake or ocean surface and start rock skipping.

  • Make a plan of romantic candlelight dinner: Candle light dinner

Candle light dinner is one of the most romantic free date ideas for couples. You can plan it on various occasions or without any reasons to spend some blissful moments.

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  • Try new recipe together:

Learning some new recipe together gives great feeling and excitement with your partner.

  • Discuss the story how you met, in some free time:

If you are a married couple and looking for cheap and free date ideas then, you can make your partner feel special. You can discuss your unforgettable moments such as how you met first time.

  • Leap into leave at natural and pleasant place:

During peak season the colorful leaves seems such an owe sum beauty of nature. If you haven’t your own yard you can prefer a local park to dive in.

  • Read love stories together:

In your free time, you should go to bookstores located nearby to your houses. Read stories together and apply some lovely facts you were realize from them.

  • Watch the lovely shapes of clouds in evening:

In the evening just lie down in the pleasant grass and compete with each other to find most beautiful shapes of clouds.

  • Dress up with your partner choice:

Dress up with your partner choice in your daily routine leads your relationship towards great happiness.

  • Participate in valentine events:

Always remember love never gets old. You should always take participate in valentine events with your special one.

  • Learn and teach new thing every day to each other:

if you have some superior capabilities then your partner then don’t get underestimate him/her. Teach some new things to grow up or improve your partner’s brilliance.

  • Stay in hotel for a night:

You can stay in hotel for multitude of romantic dates with your partner. You can do various activities in hotels such as you can relax at poolside, drink wine or cocktails with your lover.

  • Cup of coffee date:

Coffee date is a wonderful option when you are going to meet someone first time. It gives you chances to get know more about person sitting in front of you.

  • Watch TV with pop corns sharing:

Pop corns time is a best way to spend precious time with your special one by watching TV together.

  • Massage each other:

Give a luxurious massage to your partner bring both of you and your partner closer.

  • Swimming together:

An afternoon spending at pool is great. Spending swimming time together make your relationship healthy.

  • Go on hike together: Go on hike together

Go on hike together is a great way to enjoy nature destinations and also beneficial for each other company.

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  • Scavenger hunt:

Scavenger hunt is not only for kids. It is famous in grownup youngsters.

  • Spend time in Local parks:

It seems so romantic when you are sitting in a park with your partner, by holding his hand and gazing into the eyes of each other.

  • Bike rides in your city:

You may choose bike rides which is useful to explore new areas and see different things with your partner. When you are going to plan a ride with your partner, must think about route and destination.

  • Bowling with your special one:

It is very casual and relaxed feel date idea.

  • Sit outside the home by making fire in winters:

This is very cool idea for perfect winter evening. Sitting next to fire drops our blood pressure and make feels us more at ease.

  • Roller skating:

It is recreational activity of traveling done by roller skates on amazing surfaces. Ice skating is one another activity as well as roller skating.

  • Regularly Workout together:

Through this routine you will easily help each other to maintain fitness by encouragement and spending common time in gym.

  • Go on tours and scenic landmarks in vacations:

visiting different locations and tours puts change inside you. Before planning a tour you should know about destination and what it is providing to you.

  • Dream your future:

Dreaming for your future together is important because it’s a glue that keeps you closer and working together on it. Be supportive for each other dreams which you want to accomplish in your future.

  • Tell how much you love each other:

The way how you express your feelings is one of the important part of love which makes an unbreakable trust between relationships.

  • Pillows and water balloons fights:

Hopefully you all heard about the balloons fights. Fill some old balloons with water and have fun with them.

  • Visit your childhood schools with your special one:

In which school or college you spent the memorable time of your life. Share these moments and feelings with your special one. It plays a good role in better understanding between couples.

  • Jogging together in early morning:

Going for a run and walk in early morning is a good exercise which keeps you healthy and fit.

  • Taste Wine together:

While you went to some hotel make your dining room as vineyard and take a wine of your flavour choice from wine rack.

  • Dancing with stars on romantic music:

Couple dance with your partner under the stars is like a beautiful dream.

  • Truth or dare and spin a bottle:truth or dare
  • Visit a farm:

Visit the animals and research how the farm actually operates. Some farm provides you free visiting hours and tours.

  • Check out calendar and celebrate festivals together:

The main focus behind celebrating the festival is togetherness. Festival celebrations fills the colors and enjoy in all of your lives.

  • Snow sledding:

To make a crazy shapes with snow like snowman. You can take slides by hit the hills downward slope.

  • Fishing in oceans and sea:

Fishing trip is also one of the romantic date ideas. Spending whole day on the water with beautiful scenery and piece. If you are fan of unique and creative dating then plan this date.

  • Walk and talk with ice cream cone:

As everybody know both talk and walk is possible by eating an ice-cream. It is one of the best way to spend time together and to share your feelings.

  • Car washing with little flirt together:

while you wash your car after a week it can became a romantic date idea by throwing water on each other and making little flirt that time.

  • Play guitar at calm place:

challenge your partner to make you feel special by singing song or by playing guitar.

  • Bake cookies together:

if it is your special ones birthday or some important occasion. Rather than ordering cookie from or bakery from market you can make them at home.

  • Go to mall:

In mall there are always bunch of things are possible to do. Check out latest food courts and fun games available for your entertainment.

  • Yoga exercises:

Doing yoga activities together is pretty hot date ideas to do. Because watching each other in several poses is a part of entertainment.

  • Look historic towns in your city:

Take a trip to visit best historic places in your city with your love and partner.

  • Revisit the place where you met first time:

To make past moments fresh, again visit the place where you met before the months ago with your special one.

  • Go for boating:

it is very inexpensive date ideas and easily available at lakes nearby to your cities. Boating in cool water with fresh air is very entertaining part to spend time with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

  • Watch zoo together:

Watching zoo with your partner is also an idea which helps you both to spend an incredible time together.

  • Work on same project:

If you are in same profile job it’s such an interesting way to take care of each other by helping in one project to each other.

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  • Paint balling:

Paintball is game on which you can work together to defeat players of opposite team.

  • Plan for camping together:

Camping offers exciting way to raise intimacy for couples who love natural destinations.

  • Role play together:

It is very convenient date idea for you and especially best in season of Halloween.

  • Take a bath together:

If you both are looking for romantic and sexiest date then you can make it at home by taking hot bath together.

  • Bondage for couples:

If you want to make your date more adventurous then give a task to your partner to do activities by binds the eyes and hands.

  • Dirty dancing:

Play the craziest and romantic songs overnight and dance together and get closer to each other.

  • Sightseeing with your partner: Sightseeing

It is possible by watching the sight from the tallest building of your city.

  • Volunteer date idea:

Now a days it’s very popular date idea. In this idea you can do the things like collect food for your lover and you get know more about your special one.

  • Do creative crafts:

Having this art work in your room by using different colours, brushes to do creative things.

  • Watch funny YouTube videos with your partner:

Instead of going theaters, both of you can spend time alone with each other by watching funny and hot videos on you tube at home.

  • Mini golfing with your friends:

If you want to go on date with your friend’s group then golf is wonderful game play.

  • Play pool with your partner:

You and your partners may also go to play games like snookers to spend enjoyable time.

  • Writing for each other:

It is one of the romantic date idea to express your feelings towards your lover and you can mention your feelings in that letter.

  • Go for Horse riding:

In your vacations if want to go for a ride then you can consider horse riding which is very interesting.

  • Rock climbing:

If you are looking for an ultimate and adventurous free date ideas then you should go with rock climbing which bring both of you closer.

  • Play Loteria:

Loteria is a chance game as like bingo but we use images in this instead of using numbers on ping pong balls.

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