DIY Mineral Make up Powder!


Mineral makeup is a base mineral powder and lightweight formula for all skin types, which makes your look natural. This is beneficial in correcting complexions, hide skin problems such as lines and wrinkles. Mineral make up powder provides you flawless skin and helps in changing the face beauty. Just remember that your skin is important so you should use natural skin care products. Did you know that you can make DIY mineral make up powder easily with natural ingredients without any side effects? Yes, it is possible to make your own mineral make up by yourself. Here we describe some methods which helps you to create your own mineral make up powder.

DIY Mineral Make up Powder!

How DIY Mineral Make Up Powder  is beneficial:

  • It is good and healthy for your skin.
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory formula.
  • It has no side effects because it contains natural ingredients.
  • Helps to hide skin problems for e.g. acne and dark circles and provide natural glow to your skin.
  • It is less expensive then skin products available in market.

How you can make your mineral make up powder:

Ingredients needed:

  1. Zinc oxide: zinc-oxideThis is an ingredient with white tone powder provides you an opaque finish. The zinc oxide with soothing property should be added according how much coverage you need.
  2. Kaolin clay: kaolin-clayThis is another ingredient used in DIY mineral makeup powder. This ingredient gives a creamy texture to your makeup powder and helps to control shine by absorbing some oil.
  1. Titanium dioxide: DIY MINERAL MAKE UP POWDERTitanium oxide is used in DIY mineral makeup powder which provide sun protection and it makes a coverage to your skin. Instead of using titanium dioxide you can also use something else like zinc oxide.
  1. Iron oxide: DIY MINERAL MAKE UP POWDERIron oxide is use to customize your powder that matches your exact skin type. It provide variety of colors such as red, yellow and brown. You just need to add small amount of it to make big changes to your makeup powders.
  1. Sericite mica: DIY MINERAL MAKE UP POWDERSericite mica powder a slip to your mineral powder so that you can easily apply this. This is also helpful in giving you a moist and dewy look.

Method for DIY mineral make up powder:

  • After collecting all these ingredients add them to a container like jar or bowl. How much quantity of each ingredient you should take is described in next line.
  • Add 8 tablespoons of titanium oxide, four tablespoon of zinc oxide, then add 3 spoon of Sericite mica. Then add one and half tsp. of iron oxide and if you want you can optionally add 2 spoons of kaolin clay.
  • Mix these ingredients well and add some essential oil to it. Such as lavender oil because this oils is use to keep your skin calm and control bacteria’s.

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