4 Most Common Reasons for Chest Pain While Running

Reasons for Chest Pain

Do you have chest pain while you run? Chest pain is caused by cardiovascular condition.  Reasons for chest pain are inflammation, stress or anxiety, violent coughing and by heartburn. Many of you suffer from this problem while running. Most of people think, is chest pain leads to heart problems? Is it heart-attack? This is not a major problem but don’t ignore it. If you are experiencing frightening scary symptoms then a medical evaluation can help you. Check out the 4 most common reasons for chest pain while running and tips for what to do if it strikes again.

Reasons for Chest Pain


4 Reasons Why Your Chest Might Hurt When You Run:-

1)Breathing in cold air: –

Running out in cold or low temperature is a best idea to warm up body. Most of you breathe by nose as well as mouth while running. Mouth breathe can cause to sharp chest pain by making lungs very cold and make breathing difficulty.

Solution: – Change the way of breathe

Prefer to nose breathing that will heat up the air as it comes into your lungs. Try to breathe in through nose and out through mouth. Make sure you are breathing correctly while running.

2)Heart burn: –

You may not realize heart burn after eating food. It is liked a pressure on to your digestive system. This make feel as something stuck into your chest or heartburning. Doctor considers it as a cause of chest pain while running.

Solution: –

Avoid spicy, fried and caffeinated food before running. If the problem arises again and again then take indigestion medication.

3)Angina: –

Chest pain can occur by many problems. Stable angina is the one of common reason of this problem. This occurs when heart muscles are unable to receive sufficient amount of blood and they work hard to get. Common symptoms of angina are

  • Chest pain occur when heart work hard during running or exercises.
  • Weakness, flu and fatigue are common reasons as angina for pain.

Solution: –

Reduce your workout timings and seek an advice from your health experts.

4) Inter costals muscles: –

These muscles are very small muscles between ribs. When you start running or exercises pain occur suddenly. The reason behind it these muscles are not warmed enough to do activities especially in winters.

Solution: –

Try to refuel with water and change your breathe pattern.

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