The Easiest Ways to Fix a Broken Nail!

The EASIEST ways to fix a broken nail!

Long and perfect shaped nails is a part of our hand beauty. If you have long nails then you can try amazing nail arts, because nowadays nail art trend is very popular among girls. But, It is sad and painful sometime when broken nails happen and it may cause during various reasons such as nails are so soft or have been soaking in water for long time. So, don’t get panic for the next time when your nail breaks. Because here we describe best and easiest ways to fix a broken nail or their damage. Just try these methods and never let spoil your occasion again by broken nail.

The Easiest Ways to Fix a Broken Nail!

The Easiest Ways to Fix a Broken Nail:

1. Temporary Repair:

  • Use a scissors or cutters to carefully trim a small piece of clear tape and just remember that its size is bigger than the size of tear.
  • Press down and stick the tape on the center of break firmly to adhere. Don’t rub the tape against the direction of the tear.
  • When the tape are flat against on nail just trim out the excess tape.
  • Well this fix solution is good for emergency nail care but it does not mean permanent solution.
  • You should take special precaution during this meantime to avoid nail beneath and snagging the tape and at last peel off the tape carefully.

2. Fix your nail by nail glue:

  • To use this method to fix a broken nail, you need to be sure that your hands should be properly clean and oil free.
  • Just dip your nail in warm water if you want to reattach it until it feels pliable.
  • Now, apply the nail glue by gently press and spread it over the broken nail. Make sure the glue don’t touch with your fingers.
  • After applying glue just softly press the nail to back into place or you can also use the side of toothpick.
  • Wipe off the excess glue when the applied glue get drying completely. At last take nail file to smooth the repaired area or edge of tear.

3. Repairing of detached nail:

  • When your nail get completely ripped from nail bed. Then you may need to use nail scissors to carefully treat with injury and to remove away the nail.
  • After detachment, your nail may be bleeding a lot. So use medical gauze or apply water pressure or use cotton pad to stop bleeding to treat with injury.
  • If it is painful and comfortable to doing by yourself then contact with your doctor to trim it.
  • After trimming dip and soak it into bowl of cold water for 15-20 minutes.
  • At last apply an antibiotic ointment to reduce infection and cover the nail bed until the new nail grows.

4. Mending your nail with tea bag:

  • Before this method you just need to wash your hand first with warm water.
  • Firstly cut a piece of paper from tea bag and it should be long enough to cover the entire tear.
  • Apply a small dot of glue and press piece of paper onto the nail over nail glue.
  • Wrap the material over the nail so that it stick properly underside of your nail.
  • This method provides extra protection and balance to your broken nail.

These are the most easiest ways to fix a broken nail, If you have tried any other method then do let us know in the comments section.

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