How to Keep Your Child Safe in Cyberspace

keep your child safe in cyber space

Cyber space has become a virtual threat in modern time. Due to the vast spread of internet among the entire world, you can’t stop anyone to explore the sites even they contains harmful visuals. Especially it becomes very hard to keep your child safe in cyberspace. Internet can’t differentiate between child and an adult while showing search results. There is a risk of exploitation if your child is busy in talking to strangers. Children are curious by their nature. So, they try to explore as much as they can without knowing any risk. Currently, porn websites and terrorist’s video links can affect badly to the mind of child. Today we are going to discuss about some tips to keep your child safe in cyber space.

How to Keep Your Child Safe in Cyberspace

You can keep your child safe in cyber space by following some simple steps

How to Keep Your Child Safe in Cyberspace:-

  • Become Computer Literate

You need to be computer literate if you want to monitor your child’s activity on internet. It is not so tough to get the basic knowledge if you are unknown to it. Spend some time to learn the latest trends on internet which are popular among youth.

  • Bookmarking

keep your child safe in cyber space

Bookmark some educational and entertaining sites in the browser so that your child prefers to access them. It will keep them away to type an inappropriate search keyword which future leads them to harmful contents.

  • Spend time together

To keep your child safe in cyber space, you need to spend some time with your child online. Teach them to behave appropriately on internet which includes the information about cyber bullying as well as being respectful towards others while online. Also visit their favourite internet sites along with them.

  • Avoid contests and clubs

Teach them to avoid the contests or clubs which asks their personal detail like address or contact numbers etc. Tell them about its future consequences. Antisocial elements can approach them very easily by getting personal details.

  •  Avoid strangers

keep your child safe in cyber space

You need to teach them that chatting with strangers could be dangerous. Even an adult person offering friendship could be dangerous who is showing his age 7 or 8 years. Do not let them to share their photographs or videos with strangers on cyberspace.

  • Monitor kids

Monitor the usage of social networking sites by kids such as facebook or my space. Watch their profile to know what information they are sharing on internet. Don’t forget to check what they are posting on their profiles publicly.

  • Parents control software

Install parent’s control filtering software or tracking program. This software can help to keep your child safe in cyber space. Don’t rely on them completely; interact with them by direct conversation.

  • Applications usage

Keep your eye on the digital devices they are using. The applications they are using in their smart phones could be harmful. It is possible that your child can download adult applications or games from some suspicious sites.

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