15 Hottest Hair Color Trends 2016

15 Hottest Hair Color Trends 2016

Do you know the difference between natural hairs and colored hairs? The hairs don’t need any alterations like straightening and curls referred to natural hairs. Whereas colored hairs are shiny and seems to be naturally pretty by applying color in various ways such as streak color, highlights and many more. In today’s era, maximum girls and boys likes to change their hair color from natural hairs.

Just to look more fashionable and unique they choose different variety of colors. It completely depends on your choice that what type of hair coloring you are looking for. It might be permanent or semi-permanent with different colors and variety depending upon the hair color availability.

15 Hottest Hair Color Trends 2016

Well, if you have already made your mind to get latest hair color design, then how can we forget to share some of the hottest hair color trends of 2016.

15 Hottest Hair Color Trends 2016:

  • Two toned hair color:

Two toned hair color : Hair Color Trends 2016

In latest fashion technology, it’s a statement or experiment to make your hairs unique. The specialty of this color is, it made by contrast of two colors for fabulous look. Some styles of this hair color are top and bottom layer, color tips and stripes.

  • Baby lights hair color:

Baby lights hair color

This color give you natural and youthful look. Baby lights hair color is created to mimic the subtle by using very fine hair color technique.

  • Chunky highlights:Chunky highlights

These highlights are quietly in trend among various celebrities. It provide depth and dimension to your hairs and gives you impressive look. If you are thinking which one to try first, so go with these chunky highlights style.

  • Red copper: Hair Color Trends 2016

    hair color copper : Hair Color Trends 2016

This category of hair color had variety of choices with copper. Pick up the best combination and give fantastic turn to your life. Not only red color is in demand today but red with copper combos has strong trend now. Variation of this include soft elegance, golden sunset and smooth or crimped copper.

  • Ombre hair color:ombre high color : Hair Color Trends 2016

Ombre is one of the hottest hair color trends of 2016 and can be found in every magazine. It is not only popular for its varieties but because of its low maintenance. Ombre provides endless choices and varieties and a great way to rock. For e.g. bronze vixen ombre, fierce ombre, barely there ombre.

  • Blonde hair color:blonde hair : Hair Color Trends 2016

Blonde hair colors has luxurious varieties according to your skin tones. Choose perfect shade such as strawberry blonde, buttery blonde and platinum blonde hair color.

  • Low light hair color:lowlight color : Hair Color Trends 2016

This hair color is mostly use for natural looks because it tone down your hairs and temper frosted look. For fairy skin Low light of copper and gold color work best.

  • Violet hair color highlights:hair color voilet

If we talk about royalty the violet color for hairs is one of the best hair color trends of 2016 . For alternative and creative look you should try this color. This color is based on intensity of purple color.

  • Bright orange hair color:orange hair color

In earlier time, variety of choices with this color were rare. But now a days, it provides various no. of shades. Before choosing this color, you must discuss with your hairstylist. It’s a unique color which gives you an angelic look.

  • Rib boned hair color: ribboned hair color : Hair Color Trends 2016

With Rib boned color you can brighten up and streak down your hairs. It is one of the best hair color trends for naturally wavy type hairs or to add blonde tones.

  • Warm Dimensional Blonde:

warm hair color

Blonde hair color expertly blended with cooler, softer and warmer shades. Have you try it once? If no, then go for it because it lift your spirits. Sandy blonde hairs offers you sunny hairstyle like sea sand and blend highlights will look more gorgeous.

  • Balayage hair color:hair-vcolor

Balayage is a French coloring and applied by hands and considered as one of the hottest hair color trends of 2016. It used in shorted pixie crop depending upon length of hairs.

  • Rainbow hair color:rainbow color

With rainbow hair color you rock your look like nobody else. If you want to commit upkeep and bold look go with variety of rainbow colors. In this when contrast is made by dark and light shade, then it became bold and dramatic.

  • Blue tints: Hair Color Trends 2016blue-eyes

Do you want your hair colored with dark blue? Blue tints is brand hairstyle provides perfect finish to edgier look by super subtle blue tints.

  • Warm honey hair color:

warm honey hair color : Hair Color Trends 2016

Is warm honey a right shade for you? As we all know, from passed years honey has been working as natural moisture. It helpful in providing natural lightening to your hairs. The one cool benefit of this color is, it can complements or try to every type of skin tone.

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