5 Easy Eyeliner Tricks Every Girl Should Know

5 Easy Eyeliner Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Makeup is overshadowing task and no one has perfect Skills about makeup and all. Each and every girl wants to be look gorgeous & beautiful for special occasions or event. Beautiful eyes are the only way to grab someone’s attention. Eyeliner is a fundamental concept of eye-makeup for daily routine, smoky killer eyes or shadowing eyes. Most of girls rely on eyeliner to bring out the definition of their beautiful eyes. This transforms your look in the Blink of an eye. Applying gel-liner, pencil-liner or liquid-liner is an easy task but sometimes it doesn’t spread smooth or thickly as you want. Whether looking for winged liner style or searching for technique of long lasting eyeliner. Here are some basic impressive eyeliner tricks that every girl should know. Even these can work well for beginners.

Let’s get start and keep in mind these tricks for next time before applying eyeliner.

5 Easy Eyeliner Tricks Every Girl Should Know:

Applying eyeliner is a skill which takes some time for practice. Grab your pencil or liquid liner and enjoy the tricks.

  1. Primer: –


When you want long lasting liner for couple of hours prefer to use primer as base that will help your liner all the day.

 2. Turn pencil liner into gel form: –

5 Easy Eyeliner Tricks Every Girl Should Know

Choose favorite color of pencil-liner. Hold it under the flame for second.  Leave it for 15 to 20 seconds to cool down. Note down the consistency it change before applying it as liner. Choose the shape to figure out for your beautiful eyes. These shapes include Striking and bold, Bigger, smoky, softer & brighter, Sparkly and trendy.

  1. White-liner first: –

Always prefer to pencil liner than liquid or gel liner. Put white-liner first before applying final liner on your beautiful eyes. This will help to create base for colorful liner.

  1. Dashes: –

Put your elbow on flat surface to avoid shaky hand. First of all, make dashes on your eyelid. Now fill out these dashes to make full flick of liner.

  1. Business card/Tape or spoon trick to create cat or winged flick: –


If you are looking for winged or cat style of liner, you can go with tape/ business card or spoon. Use the handle of spoon to create winged style.

5 Easy Eyeliner Tricks Every Girl Should Know

put a piece of tape to get beautiful tail for winged style liner as shown in picture.

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