DIY Sugaring-How you Can Make Sugar Wax

Do you ever listen about DIY sugaring? Sugaring describes that it’s a cleaner which is more preferable than waxing and DIY sugaring stands for sugaring which is done by yourself at home. One of the most powerful advantage of sugaring is that you can make it at home by using natural kitchen remedies with no side effects.

DIY waxing saves your unnecessary expenses for e.g. Wastage of money and time in taking appointments at saloons. When you waxed your legs before? Or you don’t ever done wax earlier due to the reasons of pain and side effects. If yes, then no need to worry here we describes very natural and homemade tricks for DIY sugaring, After following these methods you can easily make sugar wax by own and also do it by yourself.

Methods to make your own sugar wax at home:-

  • Ingredients needed: To make sugar wax for DIY sugaring, firstly we need some natural ingredients which are very commonly available at everyone’s home such as cup of white/dark brown granulated sugar, 3 tablespoons (lemon juice) and little quantity of water as such as four tablespoons.

DIY sugaring

  • Maintain the pan on gas for ingredients mixing: keep all these ingredients into one bowl which are used for DIY sugaring. After that pour the mixture of all these ingredients into pan. You must know one more thing that the length of pan should be large, because if pan length is small the mixture could be overflow and cause danger for you.

DIY sugaring

  • Put the mixture into pan on slower heat: Now, turn your gas on at simmer or medium condition for 8-10 minutes till it becomes bubbling/boiling and gets frothy. After that you should start mixing that ingredients with some wooden or metal spoon.
  • Check color or consistency when done: Turn off the heat when it becomes simply smooth and coloring like golden. After that immediately transfer it into bowl or jar (stainless steel). Let it keep for cooling for twenty minutes and must check your wax should simply solid and adaptable, now your sugar wax is ready for DIY waxing.

DIY sugaring

How to use this sugar wax for hair removal by yourself…?

  1. You can simply use it, just to clean and smooth your arms and legs. Firstly you need to rinse your legs properly and after that dry your legs with towel.
  2. Secondly, apply powder layer on legs before waxing and take mixture of your homemade sugar wax and spread smoothly on your legs in the direction of hairs.
  3. After applying wax, take a stripe of cloth and press it simply on wax but not opposite to applied wax.
  4. Now hold an edge of cloth stripe and pull it carefully and fast for hair removal as well as bandage. It may be more painful if you didn’t pull it fast.
  5. Apply this process to all hair growth of your legs and when you done with this, wash your skin with water and apply some cream or oil such as jojoba for moisturizing your skin and to remove redness.

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