Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side

Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side

Duration of sleep is very important factor for maintaining well being mentally and physically. But perfect sleep positions are also another important factor for optimum health. Emphasizing the left side sleep offers very real health and longevity benefits. For e.g. sleeping on your left side is good for our digestion, our hearts, and even for our backs. The way of your sleep can help in keeping your skin look young, influence your health, and improve your digestive health. Because most of your lymphatic systems perform it task on this side. Try to switch your position on left side – it will definitely improve your sleep routine and lead you to a better health. Here I shared some more benefits which tell why you should sleep on your left side.


Why You Should Sleep on Your Left Side:

  1. Facilitate lymphatic drainage: Sleeping on left side of your body can help to process waste materials from the brain. Interestingly, the dominant lymphatic side is in the left side of your body. It also allows body to filter better the lymph fluid, decrease the lymphatic system’s efficiency and reduce via the lymph nodes as the dominant lymphatic side.
  1. It may relieve back pain: If you are suffering from chronic back pain then start switching to left-side sleeping. Because it is very beneficial in providing relieve pressure on the spine. It also improves the chances of better sleep and makes you feel very comfortable. If your stomach lies on the left side it also help to reduce acid reflux symptoms.
  1. Better elimination: Sleeping on the left side of your body moves the waste more easily into descending colon. It also allows the food to move more easily from your small intestine to large intestine with ICV. With the help of good night sleep, the descending colon is full of waste to easily eliminate completely each morning.
  1. Encourage proper digestion: Well if we talk about digestion, proper sleeping on the left side is preferable to the right because of just simple matter of gravity. Our stomach lies on the left side of the body and sleeping on the left side allows the pancreas and stomach hang naturally. It also keeps the development of digestive processes humming and other pancreatic enzymes.
  1. Support healthy spleen function: On the left side of your body, the spleen is also part of lymphatic system. The spleen is much like to filters blood, gigantic lymph node and except that in addition to filtering lymph also. The lymph system does various movement and muscular contractions that drains all the cells in the body rather than being pumped by the heart. Helping to drain the lymph and spleen the heart with gravity is a good thing.
  1. Helps circulation back to the heart: It plays biggest role in better heart function. Many of the doctors have long recommended to the peoples to sleep on their left side of body to improve circulation to the heart. Because sleeping on the left side may help to facilitate aortic circulation and lymph drainage away from the heart. It also helps in pumping its payload downhill into the descending aorta.

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