60 Amazing Nail Art Designs of 2017

nail art designs

The trend of nail art designs are commonly popular among girls and women. Nail art is an artwork or way to decorate your nails by applying nail colors. Have you ever tried it? It is done on the fingernails and toenails. You can do it during the treatment of manicure and pedicure by trimming the nails or by giving exact shape to them. Nail art designs always comes in thousands of styles, ideas and variations. The nail art designs is not only for young girls or college students, but every women can try this and add pretty look & high class to nails. You can use glitters, nail art pens, stickers and dotting tools to do this amazing art. Doing nail art is not tough as such because glitter design, themes and many more can created with just simple steps.

60 Amazing Nail art designs of 2016

Nail art design is a fashion activity mostly performed in beauty salons but you can also do it by yourself at home. If you are tired from single toned nails and looking for amazing nail art designs then be comfortable, you reached to right place. Here are loads of nail art designs and styles available in this list.

60 Amazing Nail Art Designs of 2017:

  • Water marble nail art design:

Nail art

  • Matte nail art:

matte nail art

  • Shattered glass nail art designs: 

shattered nail art

  • Holographic nail art:

holographic nail art

  • Halloween nail art:

halloween nail art

  • Aquarium nail art:aquarium nail art
  • Rainbow nail art:

rainbow nail art

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  • Water drop nail art:

Water drop nail art:

  • Rhinestone nail art:

rhinestone nail art

  • Wavy nail art:

wavy nail art

  • Butterfly nail art:


  • Leopard print nail art:

leopard nail art

  • Valentine nail art:

valentine nail art

  • Sand nail art: 

sand nail art

  • Bridal nail art:

bridal nail art

  • Caviar nail art: 

caviar nail art

  • Holiday nail art:

holiday nail art

  • Polka dots nail art:


  • Elegant nail art designs:


  • Antique finish nail art:

antique nail art designs

  • Sunflower nail art:

Sunflower nail art:

  • Half-moon nail art:

half moon nail art:

  • Pearl nail art:

pearl nail art

  • 3-D nail art: 

3d nail art

  • Love message nail art: 

love msg nail art

  • Christmas nail art:

christmas nail art

  • Stripped nail art: 

stripped nail art

  • Floral nail art:

floral nail art

  • Mix and match nail art:

Mix and match nail art

  • Pointed nail art:

Pointed nail art

  • Feather nail art:

Feather nail art

  • Festive nail art:

Festive nail art:

  • Neon nail art:

Neon nail art

  • Snowflakes nail art:

snowflakes nail art

  • Geometric nail art: 


  • Ombre nail art designs:

ombre nail art

  • Negative space nail art:

Negative space nail art

  • Mixed color nail art:

Mixed color nail art

  • Glitter nail art:

Glitter nail art:

  • Sweater nail art:

Sweater nail art

  • Acrylic nail art design:

Acrylic nail art

  • Candy cane nail art:


  • Heart nail art designs:


  • Rose nail art designs:

rose nail art

  • Pineapple nail art design:

pineapple nail art

  • Tribal nail art designs:


  • Transfer nail art:

transfer nail art

  • French nail art:

french nail art

  • Sharpie nail art design:

sharpie nail art

  • Shaded nail art designs:

shaded nail art

  • Galaxy nail art:

galaxy nail art

  • Shellac nail art design:

shellac nail art

  • Turquoise nail art designs:

Turquoise nail art

  • Newspaper nail art:

Newspaper nail art:

  • Jewel nail art designs:

jewel nail art

  • Lace nail design:

lace nail art

  • Ocean nail art:

ocean nail art

  • Quilted nail art designs:

quilted nail art

  • Funky nail art designs:

funky nail art

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